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Service policy

Global Translation Company ( Glotran Co.,ltd) specializes in the translation services. Therefore, the service policy plays a very important role in deciding the success of the enterprises. Our service policy includes:


1.      Quality:

The proverb goes “ a miss is as good as a mile”. Thus, the incorrect or wrong translation of the text, documents and any materials will be risky not only to the customers but the company  prestige as well. Understanding this matter, Glotran has engaged various translation experts with the professionall level. At Glotran, we commit that the translators/interpreters are the specialists who are not only good at the foreign language but the professional level. For example, in order to translate the medical documents, the two cases happen: The translator for these documents must know the medical field and master the language; or although he has no professional level, he is well-experienced in the medical translation service. How can a translator translate correctly the document without his professional level or his experience? To Glotran, the quality is deemed to be the first priority our survival.


2.      Speed:

In the current developing time, everything is essential to the quick manner. The quick action plays a quite important role in the enterprise success. In order to translate five normal pages of the foreign language into the native one, it takes two days to finish them. It is very slow and affects the business operation of the enterprises. At Glotran, you can recognize that our translation speed meets your quick demands without any complaint. We have the dynamic young workforces with the fast typing level. Most of them master the Microsoft office and apply the keyboard with ten figures. In a day, they can undertake at least 70 pages. Of course, the translation has to meet the quality in this case.


3.      Security:

How do you think if any translated document except for the special materials is released outside? As a result, any secret as well as the key of the business operation is known to everybody. In this case, the company operation is effective or fail? It goes without saying that any plan of the company will fail. Sometimes, it will result to the collapse of the company if it is the top secret. Thus, the role of keeping the company translation/document confidential is very essential to us. As for this matter, our company has the committing policy to all staffs complying with this standard.


4.      Reasonable price:


The price is a quite important issue in deciding the supplier. Coming to Glotran, you will get the most reasonable prices in the very  current competitive market. Certainly, Glotran offering price has to meet the plausible factors like the speed, holidays, quality and related other related factors. Our price motto is “ The price is important but the prestige and the long term cooperation with the customer is more important”.


5.      Promotion:


5.1  As for the potential customers:

Depending on the detailed case, we will apply the proper promotion policy like the gift delivery, the minimum translation price reduction even the translation fee will be free to the special cases;


5.2  As for the big ordering quantities:


Of course, the price reduction for each translation page will be applied.  Sometimes, the translation notarization fee as well as other related costs will be free to the customers


6.      Service:

Unlike the other company, Glotran will be ready to serve the customers every time and every where. Whenever or wherever you go, only by a call from the customer, we are available to serve your requirements. With the 24/24 duty time, by the hotline or e-mail, you can contact us- “ Your need, our speed” is our style. We make sure that you will be satisfied under our professional service.


7.      Workforce:

All of our translators are graduated from Universities with the different levels like M.A, Ph.D, B.A from the famous local and international universities like Ho Chi Minh city national University, Hanoi pedagogic University, Hue, Danang Universities, Harvard Universities, Cambridge university etc.. Thus, you will make a peace if you come to us. In particular, they are very courteous to the customers, enthusiastic to their jobs and honest, faithful to the company. Coming to Glotran, any bureaucracy, imperiousness, the cool feeling to the customers will be rejected totally.


8.      Convenient payment:


Wherever you live, please don’t worry about your payment. It will be carried out as follows:


7.1 Small product quantities:


The payment pattern will be applied at the end of each month. After collecting the translated products at each day per month, the two parties will make the summary with the final product conclusion by e-mail or telephone or other related means. Then, the payment pattern will be transmitted.


7.2 Big product quantities:


The translation contract will be applied and the payment pattern will be carried out as mentioned above. Of course, in the contract, there are mutual bindings among the two parties including the terms of the advance payment as well as other binding terms. However, depending on the detailed case, it will be considered.


9.      Easy performance pattern:

You will be comfortable and set your mind at rest if any document is delivered to us. Whenever you stay/live, you can deliver/receive the documents very easily. You can deliver the documents by post office, e-mail, EMS service or vice versa. As for this matter, Glotran will receive/deliver the documents freely to the customers. We will be ready to serve you provided that you believe in Glortan.



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