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Multi-field translation

Multi- field translation: Translating many different fields & Glotran Experiences:

Glotran undertakes many different translation fields including Economics, Politics, Cultures, Society, Science, Finance, Hydropower, Thermal power, Medicine, Religion (Buddhist, Catholic, Moslem etc), Tourism, Newspapers, Constructions, Bridge and Roads, Law, Irrigations, Bidding documents in constructions, telecommunications, Railways, waste water drainage and supply system etc. As for
each field, we have the experts in charge as well as the experienced translators to undertake.


Nowadays, the renovation policy, the industrialization and modernization from the Government State  play a very important role in the economic growth of Vietnam. Many foreign and domestic investors have continuously made the construction investment into Vietnam and vice versa. Thus, many projects from North to South have been commenced. They include the projects  as the waste water treatment project like Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe Canal, Tau Hu-Ben Nghe canal in Ho Chi Minh city, Danang water drainage project, Ho Chi Minh city environmental environment project; the hydropower projects of Dai Ninh, Uong Bi; Se San 3 ; High rise building development like The Vista –An Phu, district 2, Ho Chi Minh city; Saigon Pearl, ; Thu Thiem new urban area, Hanh Phuc
International women and Children hospital, Binh Duong province; thermal power plant project like Phu My 1, Phu My 3, Phu My 4; Phu My 2-2; roads and brides like Thu Thiem bridge, East-West high way project, Urban railways in the big cities like Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi, Cement plants like Phuong Nam, Cam Pha etc

Scope of translations undertaken by Glotran for the said projects include
·  Bidding documents
·  Specification/ technical standards
·  Design documents/ reports
·  Company profile
·  Construction method
·  Performance progress/ schedule
·  Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly minutes of meeting
·  Construction contract
·  Legal documents 
·  Decrees, Circulars, instructions related to construction
·  Manual 
·  Etc


The financial issue requires the accuracy and clearance. With the workforce of the accountants trained from the famous universities together with the experienced translators, they make sure that the financial documents are properly, clearly and confidentially translated from the terms to the figures. 
Glotran has assumed the following issues:

·  Financial statements
·  Balance sheets
·  Report of business operations
·  Accounting policy; financial contract, the asset leasing contract
·  Financial investments; accounting forms
·  Pre-paid, provisional costs;
·  Owner’s equity, convertible bonds
·  Increasing, decreasing the financial leasing/intangible fixed assets;
·  Long/short run loan and debt
·  Debts of the financial lease
·  Dividend, shares, stock exchanges
·  Regulations of taxes like Corporate income tax, personal income tax, VAT, business rates;
·  Decrees, Circulars, Instructions related to financial issues, stock exchanges.
·  Etc


Many domestic and foreign companies carried out the mutual negotiation  in the verbal and writing manner. In particular, the writing pattern is done to bind the two parties. However, many binding contracts among the companies are not strict and loose. As a  result, they can get the insolvable conflicts and come to the court for settlement. In order to tackle them, the law is required and the law translation is very necessary for the foreign companies to understand the Vietnamese law and vice versa.

Glotran undertakes the legal documents:
·  Labour code
·  Law on Construction, the foreign investment law
·  Civil law
·  Bankruptcy law
·  Marine law
·  Copyright law
·  Criminal law
·  Law on land: Certificate of land use right, land transfer
·  Law on marriage and family
·  Forms, reports of law, the land renting contract
·  Etc

Tourism & culture

With the current economic development of Vietnam,  many local people as well as the foreigners have the mutual exchange of the culture and tourism. They come and discover each area and country to relax and improve their knowledge. Tourism is carried out with many patterns like the historical relics of the tombs, museums, mausoleums, the garden tourism, the ecological tourism, forest tourism as well as  the culture of cooking, communication, traditional games and songs, fine-art, occasional village  customs and practices etc

Scope of Glotran translation:
·  History of the country and people
·  Famous tourist  locations in Vietnam
·  Overview of the local and foreign tourist
·  Culture of each country including National Assembly, Parliament, White house, Senate 
·  Profile of the hotel, restaurants, eat and drinking
·  Ecological tourism
·  Traditional occupational villages
·  Mausoleums, temples etc
·  Etc


In order to translate the medical terms and expressions, the translator has to be a doctor or physicist or the experienced person knowing well of this field. Glotran has the workforces of the doctors, experts who are trained from the foreign countries and trained/worked in the famous hospital in Vietnam. Therefore, each professional branch has the own experts.

Our translation scopes:
·  Diseases of Cardiovascular
·  Methods of consultations and treatment
·  Normal diseases like eyes, noses, ears, headaches etc
·  Instructions of the medicine usage: cosmetics, Oriental medicine,
.  Myocardial infraction; brain vessel accident; heart blood pressure; schizophrenia; diabetic; leukima, hepatitis etc.
·  Medical forms like the case-records; the prescription; 
·  Related others.

Realm Others

In addition to the typical ones above, Glotran are in charge of the different translations like the newspapers, magazines and web-sites, politics, theology, relgion with many other fields.
For your better understanding, we would like to make summary of the typical projects as well as actual translations conducted by Glotran.



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