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Multi- pattern translation

Translation by e-mail


Translation by post courier/ hands:

  • The address: Customer => Glotran
  • Pattern of transferring documents: By post courier/hands/ship/airplanes etc
  • Translation: Translating documents as per the customer’s requirement.
  • Editing, adjusting the margins, the layout, spelling, etc before coming to the customer
  • Returning the finished products to the customers by train/post courier/ hands etc
  • Costs to transfer documents to the customers can be done by Glotran.


Direct verbal translation:

  • This pattern covers the face to face translation of the meetings, workshops, accompanying translation, etc.
  • The translator/interpreter can do the verbal translation with many different patterns: queries between the customers and clients, speeches, statements from the client etc
  • The translator can make translation with sentence by sentence or summarize the main ideas for translations depending on the actual situation Normally, as for such meeting translations, the related documents for the meetings
  • will be passed to the interpreter/translator in advance to prepare.

Translation by drawings, software

In addition to the abilities of the translations as mentioned above, with the special and training workforce, Glotran undertakes to perform the translation patterns based on the construction drawings by autocad, mircosoft project the computer, financial software as well as the other related programs.

Indirect verbal translation

This  includes the non-facial translation like  telephone- translations, cabin translations. The translator/interpreter can be far from the customer and the customer’s partner or together with the customer but far from the customer’s partner and vice versa by the communication means like telephone or cabin etc.

Film, radio, audio, cassette, tape, CD-ROM, brochure, manual  translations:

With the special programs, Glotran can carry out the translations by the film with the title/sub-title. At the same time, we can make other translations in writing or summarize the main ideas by radio/cassette/tape.

And many other translation patterns.



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